Medical Malpractice Insurance Initiative

The medical malpractice insurance marketplace is going through a significant transition, and we are clearly seeing signs of a firming marketplace across all specialties. If you look at radiology specifically, this continues to be an outlier as it relates to overall claims experiences, where insurance carriers are experiencing increased frequency and severity of claims. There are many theories as to what is causing this, outside of the generic national trends, but we see it as a result of the amount and complexity of imaging being done, as well as greater exposure through EMR’s.

Unified Radiology has partnered with AJ Gallagher to provide members with medical malpractice coverage and provides expert insight in today’s challenging market.

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  • We Consulted Experts in the National Market


    The ability of an individual group to combat this cost, regardless of group size, is difficult at best. In response to these headwinds facing the industry and radiology specialty, Unified engaged experts in the national market to develop a solution to help its individual group members.

  • We Vetted Insurance Carriers and Identified a Match


    After an extremely thorough process vetting potential insurance carrier partners across the country, a single insurance carrier was chosen as the partner for all groups. This has created significant market leverage for all of the member groups, resulting in advantageous policy terms, risk management offerings, and related cost of coverage.

  • We Locked in a Two-Year Rate to Help Practices Budget


    Unified was even able to engage a two-year rate lock to allow for practice budgeting of a major expense item and create a comfortable outcome for a significant area of concern.

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Other Insurance Purchasing Opportunities through AJ Gallagher

As a result of the success experienced by Unified in placing the medical malpractice insurance, we are looking at ways to further help our members.

We believe there is an opportunity to replicate this success with many of the other various lines of insurance purchased by a radiology practice.

Gain Market Leverage and

Save on Insurance by Becoming a Group Member