Unified Radiology has developed an internally-sourced teleradiology solution that provides final reads to its members.

A Teleradiology Solution to Meet Growing Demand

Unified Radiology has developed an internally sourced teleradiology solution providing final reads to Unified Radiology members. Our vision was driven by the dearth of radiologists nationally, in a constantly growing specialty, where quality and turn-around times are paramount.

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The Unified Radiology Advantage

Unified Radiology is using its size and member locations to create a solution that will enable members to leverage existing radiologists to provide overnight, weekend, and load balancing needs, such as virtual radiologists and sharing of subspecialty radiologists.
What’s vital to any teleradiology offering is its technology backbone, specifically worklist capabilities.

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Teleradiology Features and Services

To achieve maximum efficiency, worklist capabilities must exist to facilitate the movement of studies from organizations and providers. Unified Radiology has partnered with a leading medical imaging software provider specializing in diagnostic viewing, reporting and collaboration solutions to provide an integrated technology platform for all users. Members will also benefit from having the following features and services included with the teleradiology solution:

  • IT Support
  • Enrollments
  • Accounting/Invoicing
  • State Licensing
  • Physician Recruiting

Unified Radiology members are at the forefront of emerging technologies and services to meet growing demand and address new teleradiology challenges.


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