Additional Services

Unified Radiology provides a comprehensive list of additional services to radiology practices.

Executive management

Executive Management & Practice Leadership

We provide practice leadership to healthcare organizations both on an interim basis during a transition period or as ongoing services to augment in-house capabilities. We have helped organizations improve performance in the following ways:

◆ Creating and executing strategic objectives

◆ Practice & operations management

◆ Service line development

◆ Team optimization

◆ Change management programs

◆ Project management/PMO services

◆ Business analytics

Risk Management & Compliance

Mitigating risk and ensuring regulatory compliance minimizes organizational losses associated with penalties while also promoting patient satisfaction and cross-departmental collaboration. Examples of our services include:

◆ Program and policy assessments

◆ Identifying opportunities for process improvement that proactively address risks and resolve issues before they escalate to a claim

◆ Staff training on a variety of topics such as: patient relations and complaint management, medical record documentation, confidentiality, and other relevant topics

◆ Developing consistent organizational policies that promote best practices across various departments (e.g., quality, finance, HR)

◆ Trend and root-cause analyses

◆ Content development for training programs

business strategy

Financial Strategy & Support

We provide organizations with a full spectrum of financial services ranging from transactional to strategic-level initiatives. Examples of our services include:

◆ Creating effective financial strategies to support immediate, mid-term, and long-term business objectives

◆ Developing and supporting a wide range of compensation methodologies

◆ Financial reporting and analysis

◆ Modeling and forecasting

◆ Coding, auditing, and education

◆ Bookkeeping services

Human Resources & Employee Development

HR is a critical function in any organization, and there are many unique challenges and considerations in medical settings. We offer a wide range of HR consulting services provided by experts who have deep knowledge in the healthcare sector. We can provide an array of services either through an ongoing arrangement or ad hoc projects. Examples of our services include:

◆ Employee benefits strategy and open enrollment support

◆ Employee relations and development

◆ Performance management

◆ Change management programs

◆ Compensation analysis

◆ Policy development

◆ Employee coaching and mentoring

◆ Creating and executing employee communication programs

◆ Physician resilience and peer mentoring programs

marketing communications team

Marketing & Communications

Effective communication is the backbone of organizational success. We provide a broad array of marketing and communications services for both external and internal audiences. Our team is comprised of healthcare communications experts who have worked with healthcare systems, community hospitals, and independent physician practices across a wide variety of specialties. Examples of our services include:

◆ Developing a communication strategy to achieve organizational goals

◆ Managing omnichannel communication strategies, including digital media programs

◆ Marketing plan development

◆ Developing programs and strategies to affect behavior change

◆ Creating complex community outreach programs that include cultivating key stakeholder relationships and engaging constituents

◆ Event planning and promotions

◆ Public relations and earned media

◆ Developing internal communication plans that foster employee engagement and promote organizational brand values

◆ Creating and managing programs to improve patient experience


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