Meet The Unified Radiology Members

Autonomous Radiology Groups Join Forces Under 'Unified' Banner

Over 500 forward-thinking radiologists and executive management leaders from the nation's foremost independent radiology practices have teamed up
to form Unified Radiology.

The Mission

To create a national Management Services Organization (MSO) devoted to strengthening independent radiology practices through collaboration. Like-minded radiology practices interested in joining Unified Radiology are encouraged to inquire how they might also enjoy these unique benefits:

Reduce your overhead through lower costs for the quality services your practice needs
Increase your practice buying power for essential services
Access to leading-edge technology
Teleconference and face-to-face contact with like-minded peers throughout the country
Ability to use national best practices benchmarking based on data-driven analytics
Benefits from national clinical analytics collaboration
Medical Malpractice Purchasing Group and other insurance options
Maintain practice independence & integrity

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